Maple Leaf Foodservice

Protein Type | Chicken

Pulled Chicken

Always tender and juicy, made with chicken breast and thigh meat for perfect texture and flavour. A great addition to […]


Fully Cooked Shawarma Chicken Strips

Premium Halal Shawarma Chicken Strips are infused with the rich flavours of middle eastern spices. Made with the rich, moist […]


Chicken Legs Bone-In No Back (IQF)

100% Natural High Quality Chicken with NO Added Ingredients


Presliced Chicken Breast

Presliced Chicken Breast Seasoned

Presliced Chicken Breast Seasoned Frozen Just thaw and cook!


Seasoned Chicken Thigh Pieces
Boneless Chicken Bites
Chicken Breast Strips
Premum Thick Carved Breast Strips

Premium Thick Carved Chicken Breast Strips

Fully cooked, grilled and roasted, tender, thick-carved chicken breast strip.


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