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Protein Type | Chicken

Schneiders Breaded Chicken Breast Cutlet

Who can resist the NEW Schneiders Fully Cooked Breaded Chicken Breast Cutlet, made from premium quality chicken breast meat, seasoned […]

Maple Leaf Tender Lovin’ Chicken

These products provide optimum performance with our highest-quality taste and texture.

Maple Leaf Supreme Crunch® Chicken Tender

Our Supreme Crunch® Tenders are marinated, individually quick frozen and double flour coated with a peppery flavour and natural ruffled […]

Schneiders Tempura Battered Chicken Balls

For menu versatility and selection, look no further.  These par-fried and fully cooked solutions deliver great taste and value.

Supreme Crunch® Breaded Chicken Breast 5 oz.

A 5 oz Whole Muscle Chicken Breast. Deliciously marinated with a decadent and rich flavour and coated with a golden […]

Fully Cooked Chicken Tenders

Maple Leaf Fully Cooked Chicken Tenders are great tasting, fully cooked, whole muscle chicken tenders! Crispy, crunchy coating, comfort food […]

Mina Halal Chicken Drums

Convenient chicken drums deliver hearty flavour to any meal idea.

Mina Halal Fully Cooked Gluten Free Chicken Strips

Premium quality, wholesome Halal, gluten free chicken breast strips that delivers on endless menu applications. Include it in sandwiches, wraps, […]


Chicken Chunk Meat FZ 5 kg

Using premium quality, economical chunk breast meat rather than random chicken breasts for all your sliced and chopped chicken requirements […]


Mina Halal IQF Unseasoned Chicken Tender

Introducing our first 100% Natural IQF chicken tender that is Canadian Farm Raised and authentic hand slaughtered halal – with […]


Mina Halal Skin ON Boneless Leg Meat

Flavourful boneless leg meat with crispy skin will appeal to a multitude of diverse guests


Chicken & Leek Pot Pie

This latest mouth-watering addition to the Schneiders Savoury Pie line-up is comfort food at its best! Succulent tender minced chicken and […]

Pulled Chicken

Always tender and juicy, made with chicken breast and thigh meat for perfect texture and flavour. A great addition to […]


Chicken Legs Bone-In Back Attached (IQF)

100% Natural High Quality Chicken with NO Added Ingredients

Chicken Legs Bone-In No Back (IQF)

100% Natural High Quality Chicken with NO Added Ingredients


Chicken Thigh Bone-In (IQF)

100% Natural High Quality Chicken with NO Added Ingredients


Presliced Chicken Breast

Presliced Chicken Breast Seasoned

Presliced Chicken Breast Seasoned Frozen Just thaw and cook!


Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

Individual pot pie with tender light and dark chicken in a home-style gravy.

Chicken Schnitzel
Rotisserie Chicken Leg

Rotisserie Chicken Leg

Perfectly seasoned, fully cooked rotisserie chicken leg.

Grilled Chicken Thigh

Healthy Selections Grilled Chicken Thigh

Tender, boneless,skinless and delicately seasoned fully cooked chicken thigh in 90g portions.

IQF Chicken Breast

IQF Chicken Breast (raw)

Skinless, boneless,whole muscle chicken breast in a raw format.

Seasoned Chicken Thigh Pieces
Boneless Chicken Bites
Chicken Breast Strips
Premum Thick Carved Breast Strips

Premium Thick Carved Chicken Breast Strips

Fully cooked, grilled and roasted, tender, thick-carved chicken breast strip.


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