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Bruschetta Chicken Dippers

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Tomatoes, Fresh, Roma 1 Kg 2.2 Lbs
Tomatoes, Canned, Diced 500 mL 2.1 cups
White Sugar 15 mL 1 Tbsp
Garlic, Fresh, Minced 30 g 1.1 oz
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 50 mL 1.7 Fl oz
Salt 2 mL 0.5 tsp
Rosemary, Dried 2 mL 0.5 tsp
White Pepper 2 mL 0.5 tsp
Chicken Dippers 2.25 Kg 5 Lbs


  • 1. Bruschetta Mix- combine all the ingredients except the chicken in a bowl and let sit for 1 hour prior to final preparation.
  • 2. Pre-heat oven to 350 F (175 C). On a well greased baking sheet, spread out the chicken dippers and place into the oven. Heat through. Remove the chicken dippers.
  • 3. To serve Hot- combine the hot chicken with the bruschetta mix and place back onto baking sheet and return to oven until the entree is hot (160F/70C).
  • 4. To serve Cold- allow chicken to cool and then add to the bowl of bruschetta mix. Serve with cold sides or roasted vegetables. Could be served over thin slices of crusted bread or a rice salad.
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