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California Turkey Burger

Featured Maple Leaf Product: NEW Fully Cooked Turkey Burger (55692)


Turkey Burger 25 each 25 each
Sesame Seed Bun 25 each 25 each
Lettuce, shredded 500 ml 2.1 cups
Guacamole 375 ml 1.6 cups
Salsa 375 ml 1.6 cups


  • 1. Build the turkey burger by spreading the guacamole on the bottom piece of an open sesame seed bun. Add the hot turkey burger to the bun. Cook turkey burger to an internal temperature of 165 F (60 C).
  • 2. Add shredded lettuce (or whole lettuce leaf - your choice) and top lettuce with 15 ml (1 Tbsp) each of salsa. Close with the bun top or serve with the top bun offset slightly.
  • 3. Serve while the turkey is still hot. Garnish with additional condiments on the side.

Suggested Accompaniments

Serve with an Asian Coleslaw or similar vegetable side salad or vegetable sticks (not included in the nutritional analysis).

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