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Chicken Tikka and Cucumber Wrap

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Chicken Pieces, Kebob, Seasoned 2 Kg 4.4 Lbs
English Cucumber, Diced 600 g 1.3 Lbs
Tomatoes, Fresh, Roma, Diced 150 g 5.3 oz
Red Peppers, Diced 100 g 3.5 oz
Onions, Fresh, Diced 75 g 2.6 oz
Basil, Fresh, Finely Chopped 5 mL 1 tsp
Mint Leaves, Fresh, Finely Chopped 25 mL 0.8 Fl oz
Cayenne Pepper 0.5 mL 1/8 tsp
Plain Yogurt 400 g 14 oz
Lemon Juice 15 mL 1 Tbsp
Wraps, White or Whole Wheat 25 Wraps 25 Wraps


  • 1. Dice the cucumbers, tomatoes, red peppers and onions into 1 cm dice (< 1/2"). Thaw chicken.
  • 2. Combine all ingredients except for wraps into a large bowl and mix gently until combined.
  • 3. Place 1 portion of Chicken Tikka mixture (135 gm) into centre of wrap and roll into shape.

Suggested Accompaniments

Serve with raw vegetables or side salad and a dipping sauce like Ranch Dressing
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