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Crispy Beef and Green Beans

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Canola Oil 50 mL 1.7 fl oz
Red Peppers, Sliced 140 g 4.9 oz
Green Beans 900 g 2 Lbs
Garlic, Fresh, Minced 30 mL 1 Fl oz
Soy Sauce, Light 75 mL 2.5 Fl oz
Hoisin Sauce 30 mL 1 fl oz
Ginger, Fresh, Grated or Minced Fine 10 g 0.4 oz
Schneiders Pulled Beef 1.5 Kg 3.3 Lbs
Beef Stock 250 mL 8.5 Fl oz
Cornstarch 30 mL 1 Fl oz
Water 20 mL 0.7 Fl oz
Sesame Seed Oil 15 mL 1 tbsp
Green Onions 45 mL 1.5 Fl oz


  • 1. In a large skill or on a grill, heat oil and sliced red peppers and green beans. Saute for 5 minutes or green beans start to become tender.
  • 2. Add garlic, soya sauce, ginger, and pulled beef. Continue to saute until green beans are al dente but starting to get crispy with the beef. Beef should reach a temperature of 160 F/70C.
  • 3. Add beef stock and simmer 1 minutes. Make a slurry with the cornstarch and water and thicken the mixture as needed.
  • 4. Finish with sesame oil and sliced green onions. Serve hot over steamed basmati rice.
  • 5. Optional: add toasted almonds just prior to serving. (Nutritional analysis will be different)

Suggested Accompaniments

Serve with steamed basmati rice and toasted almonds.
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