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Orange Pork Drummies & Asian Vegetable Salad

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Pork Drummies 2 Kg 4.4 Lbs
BBQ Sauce 150 mL 5.1 Fl oz
Orange Juice 150 mL 5.1 Fl oz
Green Cabbage, Shredded 1 L 1.1 quarts
Green Peas 250 g 8.8 oz
Carrots, Fresh, Shredded 200 g 7.1 oz
Celery, Fresh, Stalks, Thin Sliced 100 g 3.5 oz
Red Onions, Fresh, Small Diced 100 g 3.5 oz
Dijon Mustard 20 mL 0.7 Fl oz
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 150 mL 5.1 Fl oz
Apple Cider Vinegar 75 mL 2.5 Fl oz
White Pepper 2.5 mL 0.5 tsp
Sesame Oil 15 mL 1 tbsp
Rice Noodles (dry and uncooked for crisp) 250 mL 8.5 Fl oz
Mandarin Orange Segments 350 mL 11.8 Fl oz


  • 1. In a large bowl or pan, toss the pork drummies, BBQ sauce and orange juice. Move coated pork drummies to a greased pan and bake in a pre-heated 350 (175C) oven until they are hot and start to carmelize with the sauce. Pork should reach a temperature of 160 F/70 C.
  • 2. In a small bowl, add the dijon mustard, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, pepper and sesame oil. Whisk into a dressing.
  • 3. In a large bowl or pan, combine the shredded Napa cabbage, snap peas, shredded carrots and thinly sliced red onions. Toss with dressing 5-10 minutes prior to service and garnish at the last minute with dry rice noodles and mandarin orange segments - do not crush garnish. Serve vegetable salad as a side to the pork drummies.
  • 4. Alternately, replace BBQ sauce and Orange Juice with a commercially available sauce like Zesty Orange Ginger Sauce (ED Smith). (Nutritional analysis will be different)
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