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Southern Beef Ribette Sandwich

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Maple Leaf Beef Ribette 25 each 25 each
BBQ Sauce (Southern-style or Chipotle-type) 300 ml 10.1 FL oz
Red Peppers, Roasted 600 g 1.3 Lbs
Kaiser Bun (or favorite crusty roll) 25 each 25 each


  • 1. Place beef ribettes on a baking sheet and brush on barbeque sauce. Place into a preheated 175°C (350­°F) oven until heated through.
  • 2. In a preheated large pan or grill, grill the red peppers until done and tender. Set aside.
  • 3. Build the sandwich by opening up each bun and placing one beef ribette and some roasted red peppers inside.

Suggested Accompaniments

Garnish with pickled vegetables.

vegetable salad like a Caesar or Coleslaw.

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