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Thai Chicken Dipper Saute

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Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 30 mL 1 fl oz
Onions, Fresh, Diced 500 g 1.1 Lbs
Red Pepper, Fresh, Diced 500 g 1.1 Lbs
Garlic, Fresh, Minced 45 mL 1.5 Fl oz
Ginger, Fresh, Grated 30 mL 1 fl oz
White Pepper 2 mL 0.5 tsp
Coconut Milk 250 mL 8.5 Fl oz
White Sugar 25 mL 0.8 Fl oz
Lime Juice 30 mL 1 fl oz
Chicken Dippers 2.25 Kg 5 lbs
Parsley, Fresh, Finely Chopped 250 mL 1.1 cups


  • 1. Heat oil in a large pot or skillet, add onions and red peppers and saute for 3-5 minutes, until they are tender and onions are carmelized. Add garlic, ginger, pepper, coconut milk, sugar and lime juice. Cook another 3 minutes at a gentle simmer. Taste for seasoning. If not acidic enough, add more lime juice.
  • 2. Add chicken and gently combine, cooking another 5 minutes until flavours are combined and have coated the chicken dippers. Chicken should reach a temperature of 160F/70C. Top with chopped parsley (optional) with lime wedges as a garnish.
  • 3. Alternately, Steps 1 & 2 can be replaced with a commercially available Red Thai Curry Sauce (ED Smith) or Zesty Orange Ginger Sauce (ED Smith). (Nutritional analysis will be different)
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