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Turkey Waldorf Salad

Turkey Waldorf Salad

Featured Maple Leaf Product: NEW Cooked Diced Turkey (64364)


Maple Leaf Cooked Diced Turkey 1.5 Kg 3.3 lbs
Celery, fresh, diced 275 g 9.6 oz
Apples, fresh, diced 250 g 8.8 oz
Grapes, red or green, washed 625 ml 2.6 cups
Pecans, pieces, not crushed 145 g 5.1 oz
Yogurt, Plain 1-2 % 325 ml 1.4 cups
Honey 40 ml 1.4 fl oz
Salt 2.5 ml 1/2 tsp
Light Mayonnaise 75 ml 2.5 fl oz


  • 1. Prepare all ingredients separately, then gently combine
  • 2. Refrigerate at 4 C (40 F) or below to chill prior to service.

Suggested Accompaniments

Garnish with a large lettuce leaf as a bed for the salad (not included in the nutritional analysis.

Serve with a non-meat sandwich as a protein side.

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