Maple Leaf has created a collection of resources to bring value to our healthcare and senior living customers. Given that menu planning is one of your top priorities, we have developed a number of tools to make this process easier. COVID-19 has also forced us all to think and act in unprecedented ways, so we created practical pandemic resources to help you keep your residents/patients nourished. Finally, these challenging times have highlighted the importance of looking after our mental health. As a result, we are sharing Maple Leaf’s ‘You are Not Alone: Healthy Minds’ Speakers’ video series in our mental health section.


During this uncertain times, we understand that providing meal service to the seniors and patients in your homes/communities and hospitals may be a challenge.  Issues like staff shortages, facility lockdowns and staff reassignment to other duties may be higher than normal.  In an effort to help you continue to nourish your residents and patients, Maple Leaf has prepared three practical resources.


You Are Not Alone: Healthy Minds Speakers Video Series

To support the health and wellbeing of its employees, we have introduced a weekly series designed to provide practical, topical and timely information.

In our Healthy Minds Speaker Series, we ​explore topics like coping with isolation, anxiety, charging our “internal batteries” with self-compassion, speaking to children about COVID-19, the power of mindfulness, and more.  Each 30 minute session is facilitated by expert panelists and video recorded.  We wanted to make this useful video series available to you so that you could share them with your staff, or enjoy them on your own.

The Healing Power of Nature

Adam Campbell

Relationship Survival Guide

Dr. Bill Howatt

Using Humor to Build Resilience

Jessica Holmes

Pandemic Fatigue

Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley

Mindfulness 2.0

Colin de France

Burnout and Resilience

Paula Allen

A Menu for Mental Wellness

Leslie Beck

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

Leslie Beck

The Proper Way to Manage Stress with Exercise

Paul Landini

Stop the Mental Health Stigma

Jessica Holmes

Start Happy, Finish Happy

Marnie McBean

Mental Fitness

Dr. Bill Howatt

Worry Management

Craig Sawchuk

Caring for the Elderly

Dr. Dayna Lee-Baggley

Mindfulness 1.0

Colin de France


Alyson Schafer

Sleep Management

Craig Sawchuk

Coping with Stress as a Front-Line Worker

Dr. Dayna Lee-Bagley

Exploration of Anxiety

Dr. Bill Howatt

Charging Your Internal Battery with Self-Compassion

Dr. Katy Kamkar

Coping with Isolation and Loneliness

Dr. Bill Howatt