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Portion Size
179 g / 6.3 oz

Featured Maple Leaf Product: Pulled Pork  (26980)


  Metric Imperial
Schneiders Pulled Pork 2 Kg 4.4 Lbs
Soy Sauce, Light 100 mL 3.4 Fl oz
White Pepper 2.5 mL 0.5 tsp
Cornstarch 30 mL 1 Fl oz
Chicken Stock 60 mL 2 Fl oz
Olive Oil, Extra Virgin 60 mL 2 Fl oz
Onions, Fresh, Diced 450 g 1 Lb
Celery Stalks, Fresh, Thin Strips 350 g 12.3 oz
Green Peppers, Sliced 250 g 8.8 oz
Garlic, Fresh, Minced 25 mL 0.8 Fl oz
Bok Choy 1 L 4.2 cups
Green Peas, Fresh or Frozen 200 g 7.1 oz
Mushrooms, Fresh or Canned, Sliced 250 g 8.8 oz


  1. Defrost shredded pork, add soy sauce, white pepper, cornstarch and chicken stock as a marinade.
  2. Wash and cut all vegetables into bite size pieces (bok choy, mushrooms and snow peas) or thin julienne slices (onion, celery, green peppers), and leave in separated piles on a tray.
  3. Heat oil in a large skillet or grill, add the sliced onions, celery and green peppers to the hot grill, saute 3-5 minutes to begin cooking and carmelizing vegetables. Add garlic, bok choy pieces, mushrooms and green peas. Continue to saute for 1-2 minutes, add water to steam vegetables if the vegetables begin to dry out. Keep moist.
  4. On the side of the heated grill or in a separate skillet, heat shredded pork without removing the marinade to a temperature of 160 F/70 C. Add shredded heated pork to the skillet or grill and gently mix until combined.

Suggested Accompaniments

Serve with Basmati rice or rice noodles (nutritional analysis not included)

Nutritional Info per 179 g / 6.3 oz

Calories (58.8% from fat) 232 kcal
Fat 15.4 gm
Saturated Fat 5.14 gm
Trans Fat 0.000 gm
Cholesterol 51 mg
Sodium 605 mg
Carbohydrates 6.4 gm
Dietary Fiber 1.7 gm
Sugars 2.5 gm
Protein 17.9 gm
Vitamin A 0 RE
Vitamin C 19 mg
Calcium 49 mg
Iron 1.77 mg
Potassium 436 mg
Phosphorous 156 mg