Supplementary Menu Products:

  • Breakfast uses pre-boiled or pre-peeled hardboiled eggs, cheese portions, portioned yogurt, frozen RTS waffles, cold cereals and instant hot cereals
  • Use fresh (including diced fresh RTS fruit), canned or frozen fruit and vegetables depending on availability of product within the food service operation
  • Lunch uses canned, frozen Ready to Serve Soup or dry mix soup
  • Lunch includes two choices of vegetables – cold salad and hot vegetable; may be offered with either of the entrée options
  • Purchase salads that are readymade and prewashed/chopped lettuce blends from your DC
  • Dinner includes instant potatoes/rice or frozen premade RTS mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes
  • Desserts consist of pre-packaged cookies (shelf stable), frozen readymade cookies/desserts, canned puddings and portioned ice cream cups
  • Fortified plant-based beverage may be substituted for milk
  • Serve choice of beverages at every meal – Juice/Tea/Coffee along with Milk/Water

Additional Menu Direction:

  • Implement paper for dishware if staff shortages (but not required for COVID-19)
  • Follow HACCP safe food handling guidelines when reheating, and holding all food:
  • All cold food should be held at 4’C/40’F or lower
  • All hot food must be reheated to a minimum temperature of 74’C (165’F) or above for a minimum of 15 seconds
  • Hold all heated food in hot holding equipment at 60’C (140’F) for maximum 2 hours
  • Always use a clean and sanitized probe thermometer to check food temperatures before serving
  • Discard any unused product if using full cooked products and reheating for meal service