Storing of Ready-To-Eat Meats and Leftovers

Follow these simple steps to help create delicious and safe sandwiches for your patients, residents and customers.

The two-hour rule
Refrigerate prepared foods within two hours. Discard prepared foods that have been sitting at room temperature for longer than two hours.

  • Never freeze leftovers
  • Refrigerate leftovers in shallow containers and cover once cooled. Food cools faster in shallow containers
  • Never mix leftovers with fresh foods
  • Date leftovers with “prepared on” date to ensure freshness
  • Leftovers should be eaten within four days

Storage chart for ready-to-eat meats in refrigerators and freezers

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Herbs and spices add flavour and health benefits

Chefs understand the magic of cooking with herbs and spices. A dash of ginger, pinch of cayenne or sprig of thyme can make taste buds come alive. But beyond the wonderful tang of herbs and spices, many of these tried-and-true flavours also pack a powerful nutritional punch. Read on to learn how herbs and spices provide the double benefit of taste and health.

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Adding Flavour, Not Salt

With a clear link between high sodium intake and increased blood pressure, salty foods have become a point of concern in health care-related foodservice establishments. The average sodium consumption for Canadian adults is 3,100 mg per day, which far exceeds the recommended upper per limit of 2,300 mg/day.

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Sensory Appeal of Meals in the Senior Living Setting

Gourmet restaurants know the tricks to increase the sensory appeal of meals – attractive plates, fanciful garnishes and a dollop of whimsy served in a beautiful setting.  These touches are often overlooked in the senior living setting, where the staff deal with high food costs, small budgets and a variety of special diets. However, offering…

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Controlling Listeria Monocytogenes in Food

In the food industry, the strategy to controlling Listeria monocytogenes is largely focused on risk mitigation driven by robust surveillance and sanitation programs. There are three key components to effectively controlling Listeria in a food processing environment: Extensive and frequent monitoring and sanitation since Listeria monocytogenes typically thrives in meat plants; The use of growth…

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Sandwich Trends

Are you trying to find a lunch menu option that’s quick to prepare, easy to serve, healthy and still affordable? Look no further than the sandwich. This consistent mealtime staple, which has seen 4% sales growth since last year, is a popular menu and cafeteria option. It’s customizable, adaptable and has endless creative possibilities. Whether…